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MAGWeb Minutes
May 19, 2005

Please feel free to invite some of your colleagues from your or another city/county if you think it would benefit them to be a part of our group

City of Gladstone, MO – Kelly Behr
City of Grain Valley, MO - John Paa
City of Kansas City, MO - Rich Lovett and John Sims
City of Olathe, KS - Chris Holdman
City of Overland Park, KS - Chris Audano, Randy Ellis and Susan Waters
City of Shawnee, KS - Sonya Fendorf and Roman Madrigal
Jackson County, MO - Dan Davis and Joe Janner
Johnson County, KS - Tom Erickson, Anthony Oropeza and Karen Sorensen
Mid-America Regional Council - Barbara Hensley and Julie Whittman

Panoramic Photos and Audio Clips
Julie Wittman from MARC demonstated the business edition of PhotoVista Panorama which costs only $69.95. This software is an easy, low-cost way to generate seamlessly stitched panaramic photos from a digital camera. All that is needed, is a series of shots taken roughly from the same angle and location. As Julie demonstrated, even photos that aren't taken with a tripod-mounted camera come together well. The default settings work well for beginners. After a quick preview, each photo's overlapping regions are automatically analysed and blended together by the software. You can create full 360 degree panoramas as well as "less than 360 degree" panaramas. Files can be previewed in a browser and then uploaded to a Web server for viewing online. Other versions such as the Standard edition can be reviewed at http://www.iseemedia.com/panorama/productinfo.html.

Tom Erickson from Johnson County Sheriff's Office demonstrated Audacity. This fast multi-track audio editor and recorder is available for free from http://sourceforge.net/projects/audacity/. Use it to edit your sounds using Cut, Copy and Paste (with unlimited Undo), mix tracks together, or apply effects to your recordings. As Tom demonstrated, you can easily arrange the audio files with extreme accuracy. You can also add different effects which include changing the Tempo and Noise Removal. The programs supports WAV, MP3 formats, and more. He was also pleased with the Logictek microphone he purchased from Comp USA for $24.99. A handout on Web Ready Digital Video will be available on www.kcmagweb.org.

Other Business
Chris Holdman won this month’s drawing for a copy of MS Office Pro 2003 from Microsoft.

The 2005 Government Webmasters Conference is scheduled for Sept. 22 and 23 in Denver. Registration is $175. Visit www.governmentwebmasters.org for more information.

A logo and bylaws have been approved for the new National Association of Government Webmasters (NAGW) organization. If you have suggestions for categories the association could give Web awards for please contact Chris Audano, Rich Lovett or Chris Holdman.

Upcoming Meeting Topic Suggestions
Creating style sheets for printing may be the next topic.

Next Meeting
Thursday, June 16, 2005, 10 a.m. at the Overland Park Police Department.

Meeting minutes: Karen Lynne Sorensen, Johnson County Wastewater.

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