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MAGWeb Minutes
July 21, 2005

Please feel free to invite some of your colleagues from your or another city/county if you think it would benefit them to be a part of our group.

City of De Soto, KS - Kim Gordanier
City of Gladstone, MO – Kelli Behr and Kreg Cox
City of Grain Valley, MO - John Paa
City of Kansas City, MO - Rich Lovett and John Sims
City of Overland Park, KS - Chris Audano and Susan Waters
City of Shawnee, KS - Sonya Fendorf
Jackson County, MO - Dan Davis
Johnson County, KS - Tom Erickson, Julie Llamas, Ryan Metcalf, John Middleton, Anthony Oropeza, Karen Sorensen and Kevin Whelan.
Wyandotte County - Angela Her and Nina Betts
Mid-America Regional Council - Barbara Hensley and Julie Wittman

Group Discussion: Online Polls and Surveys
Barbara Hensley asked members to share any polls or surveys posted on their site.

Julie Wittman demonstrated the Absolute Poll Manager XE that is used at MARC. A sample can be viewed at www.onekcovice.org/poll.htm. All seemed to agree it was a versatile software for quick polls. It's easy to load on an internal server system and easy to use. Cost is $69.95. More information on this and other products the company produces is at www.xigla.com.

Kevin Whelan demonstrated Ultimate Survey, a product used by Johnson County, KS. One of its strengths is good layout of the report results. A license is needed for both an intranet and internet. Each costs about $1,000. The Ultimate Survey comes from Prezza Technologies, Inc. The Ultimate Survey User Guide PDF) is also available online.

Rich Lovett described KCMO's two methods of creating surveys: 1) forms created from scratch using Lotus Notes and 2) a quick form wizard created by an internal programmer. Both do the job but neither are as versatile as the other software packages that were demonstrated.

More URLs were shared by Susan Walters in a handout provided by Barbara. Karen Sorensen suggested a free option, www.formsite.com.

New Business
Karen Sorensen described a national conference held locally, SkillsUSA. The vocational technology competition includes both high school and college students. A local Kansas City chapter of the World Organization of Webmasters (WOW) hosts the Web section. The national chapter of WOW is dedicated to creating standards for Web professionals. Certifications are available for Web Designer, Developer, Administrator and more. Bill Cullifer, WOW's president at the national level, would like to host their national conference in Kansas City next year. More information will be shared at a later meeting. For now, visit:


Other Business
Dan Davis won this month’s drawing for an X-box game thanks to Microsoft.

More rooms are available at a reduced rate for the 2005 Government Webmasters Conference scheduled for Sept. 22 and 23 in Denver. Registration is $175. It's still wise to reserve a hotel room early. In conjunction with the conference, the new National Association of Government Webmasters (NAGW) will give out the Pinnacle Award to the top web sites among those entered in a NAGW competition. A representative of the submitted site must be present to win. To register for the conference or for an award ($25 entry fee), Visit www.governmentwebmasters.org.

Upcoming Meeting Topic
Legal issues.

Next Meeting
Thursday, August 18, 2005, 10 a.m. at Overland Park Police Department.

Meeting minutes: Karen Lynne Sorensen, Johnson County Wastewater.

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