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MAGWeb Minutes
Aug. 20, 2001

Please feel free to invite some of your colleagues from your or another city/county if you think it would benefit them to be part of our group.

Rich Lovett, KCMO
Susan Waters, Overland Park
Randy Ellis, Overland Park
Barbara Hensley, MARC
Jody Ladd Craig, MARC
Chris Audano, Overland Park
Alan Millsap, Independence
Bob Harp, Independence
Jennifer Kinnard, Blue Springs
Gail Porter, Blue Springs
Dave Grinnell, Olathe
Chris Lukasiewicz, Gladstone
Dan Davis, Jackson Co.
Scott Laws, MARC
Doug Johnson, Overland Park
Robert Meier, Overland Park

MAGWeb site (www.kcmagweb.org)
If you have any suggestions for or can help maintain the MAGWeb group site, please contact Rich Lovett, KCMO, rlovett@kcmo.org. We can also share documents via the site; send him your RFPs, policies, ADA stuff, links, etc.

Internet Mapping/GIS
Doug Johnson and Robert Meier, City of Overland Park, were our guest speakers. They demonstrated how OP is using GIS on the Internet/intranet. OP uses ArcIMS software by ESRI to create the dynamic maps. ESRI has several products: ArcInfo, ArcView and ArcIMS.

To put the maps on a Web site, you need to install the ArcIMS connector piece on a Web server. It can be tailored to .cfm or .asp.

There is a metro ArcUsers group that meets once a month. For more information, contact Robert at 913-895-6203.

The PowerPoint presentation was sent via the listserv last week and will be posted on the MAGWeb site.

On a related note, MARC is working with several jurisdictions creating GIS applications for E-911.

Next Meeting: Web Content Management
Our next meeting will be held at 9 a.m. on Sept. 17 at the MARC offices. Rich Perkins from BV Solutions Group will be our guest speaker to talk about and demonstrate Web content management systems and issues.

If you have any ideas for future topics or guest speakers, please share them with Rich Lovett, KCMO, (rich_lovett@kcmo.org) or Susan Waters, Overland Park (sjwaters@opkansas.org).


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